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If you are interested in donating tickets for Big Brothers Big Sisters Matches to use, please contact Lauren Sokolosky at

Please note that all opportunities below are for Big Brothers Big Sisters participants only.


Ticket Guidelines:

1. Tickets must be used by you and your Little only. Tickets are never to be given to individuals outside of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

2. If you request tickets, please make sure you use them. If you experience a crisis that keeps you from being able to use your tickets, please contact Lauren at or 329-9191 ext. 215 immediately.  If you do not use tickets you have requested and have not informed us, you will not be able to request tickets for one month.

3. Please do not contact any place of business for tickets or new discounts on behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters, even if there are no more tickets available through BBBS for a specific event. This can jeopardize our partnership with the donors or future donors.

4. If you have requested tickets in the past 30 days for a certain activity (ex: Preds game, Vandy game) please wait 24 hours after the Big Bulletin was sent before requesting again for a similar activity. We are hoping that the 24-hour waiting period will allow time for others to reserve tickets to events and provide more matches with opportunities to attend a variety of activities. For some tickets, we will limit Bigs to one game per season or other time period.

5. Please write a thank you note and mail or drop it off to our office to the attention of “Lauren Sokolosky” within three weeks, so we can forward it to the donor. Instructions and the name of the donor will be provided at the time you receive the tickets. Due to confidentiality, do not add your Little's last name. Donors love receiving thank you notes and drawings from you and the kids!