Stories of Impact

Mentoring Matters with Cynthia Whitfield-Story

Cynthia Whitfield-Story is the President and CEO of INSPIRE1, LLC Consulting & Coaching Firm. Before starting her own company, she worked for Allstate Insurance for almost 40 years, where she developed crucial mentoring relationships with the leaders she admired. Cynthia worked her way up to an executive-level at Allstate and after retiring, followed her passion for leadership coaching and development by starting INSPIRE1. She says, “I think it’s important for people to follow their passion, dream big and find a mentor who can turn those dreams into a reality.” Read more about the impact mentorship has had on Cynthia’s life.

Mentoring Matters with David Plazas

David Plazas is a trusted voice in the Nashville community and beyond, serving as the director of Opinion and Engagement for the USA TODAY Network Tennessee. He has a strong commitment to civil discourse, and during his time as a guest mentor for Mentoring Matters, he and his attendees will discuss building trust and sustaining conversations in an era of disagreement, misinformation and polarization.

Mentoring Matters with Jeff McGruder

Jeff McGruder is the chief relationship officer for Citizens Savings Bank and Trust Company. With over 20 years of experience in the finance industry, Jeff has valuable insight on what it takes to get to the top, the importance of seeking out mentorship and how to be a servant leader. He says, "Mentorship is really more about humbling yourself to get on the same level as your mentee, see through their lenses and walk through life with them." Read more about how mentorship has impacted Jeff's journey.

Mentoring Matters: BBBSMT Announces New Fundraising Event

We are excited to announce our new fundraising event: Mentoring Matters. This is a virtual professional group mentoring event, from which all proceeds will go to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee programs and services, enabling us to continue igniting the power and promise of Middle Tennessee youth.

Being Committed, Consistent and Connected: Tips on Reconnecting with Your Mentee Post-COVID

As a mentor, you may be thinking about what your relationship with your mentee will be like during the next few months. How will you show up for your Little as we continue to navigate a new normal? What are the things you can control that will help your relationship thrive during these unusual times? At BBBSMT, we know that mentoring relationships are strongest when volunteers focus on the Big C’s - being committed, consistent and connected.

BBBSMT Board Member Spotlight: Missy Acosta

Missy Acosta joined Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee's Board of Directors in 2016 and has been serving as the Board Chair for almost two years. We had the opportunity to speak with Missy about how she got involved with BBBSMT, what mentorship means to her, and more.

Starting Conversation: Tips on Reconnecting with Your Mentee Post-COVID

If you’ve been mostly meeting with your Little virtually over the past year, you may be struggling to find ways to reconnect. That’s completely normal. Reconnecting with your Little might be more difficult than you imagined, but we can help you start the right conversations!

A BIG Thank You to our Partner: Jackson®

Jackson National Life Insurance Company has been a dedicated, generous and engaged partner of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee since 2012. We want to thank Jackson® for supporting our mission and going above and beyond year after year to defend the potential of young people.

A Fresh Start: Tips for Reconnecting with Your Mentee Post-COVID

None of us could have predicted what would happen over the past year. Fortunately, we are in the process of returning to a new sense of normalcy, and with that comes the opportunity to re-commit to your role as a Big. As you are planning for your "new normal," make sure to carve out space and time for your Little. It is never too late for a fresh start!