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Your investment will inspire a child to reach his or her full potential, helping to transform their lives and put them on a path to a brighter future.


yoUR SUPPORT HELPS cesar conquer many hurdles

Big Brother Steve has encouraged young Cesar through many challenges.
Clever reading exercises like citing recipes out loud and building models helped bring his grades up, and they learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.

Later when young Cesar wanted to try out for football... they worked on football skills and strength exercises resulting in Cesar becoming captain of the middle school team. Steve is also the loudest voice on the sidelines, for sure.

Steve Hodge and Cesar 4
Cheerleader Match

yoUR SUPPORT HELPS shiann get a plan

When young Shiann first met her Big Sister Nastassia, she was described by her teachers as a dynamic young lady with great leadership skills, but her grades were lacking.

The two of them got together and organized a plan for school, and within two months their was remarkable improvement - two full grades worth.