Hoping for a Forever Match: Michelle and Vanessa’s Story

When Little Sister Vanessa met Michelle, she was shy and felt like she didn’t fit in with the world. She wanted a Big Sister to help her learn how to communicate better with others and help her get out of the house and try new things. And for Michelle, becoming a Big was a way for her to slow down and help a young woman since most of her past volunteer work focused on adults.


Michelle and Vanessa were introduced a few months before the pandemic hit and quickly developed a close relationship. Michelle describes Vanessa as kind, positive, and genuine. She also thinks Vanessa is a talented artist and has been encouraging her to pursue her passion.

To stay connected during social distancing, Michelle and Vanessa visited murals around Nashville. Michelle hoped taking Vanessa to see different murals would inspire Vanessa to paint her own mural one day because she knows she has it in her. When Michelle and Vanessa aren’t seeing local art around the city, they’re singing duets together, visiting state parks, and telling a joke a day to stay positive throughout the pandemic.


Since Michelle came into Vanessa’s life, she feels less shy and is more comfortable opening up to new people.

“She has impacted me in my life. I always am shy around people I don’t know and feel very uncomfortable. I just don’t know what to say. Ever since I met Michelle, I feel very comfortable and I always know what to say next.”


Michelle sees how talented Vanessa is in so many ways and is grateful Vanessa shared her talents with her. Vanessa hopes to make a career selling her art and knows Michelle will be there to help make her dream possible.

“I hope to be matched to Vanessa forever. This is not a temporary thing. It’s a real relationship.”

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