Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge Lit up green for National Mentoring Month Mentoring Month

We encourage you to post your photos on social media and tag us @mentorakid. 

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We encourage you to post your photos on social media and tag us @mentorakid. 

January is National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month—developed by MENTOR in 2002— is an annual celebration in January that recognizes and raises awareness for the power of mentoring. 

Today, one in three kids in America are growing up without a sustained, positive adult mentor in their lives. The need for youth mentorship is critical in Middle Tennessee, with more than 100 young people on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee’s waitlist for a mentor.

The gap between mentorship and youth who need it most continues to widen due to perceived barriers of the time and expertise needed to become a mentor. This January, BBBSMT is shifting perceptions of mentorship and redefining the little everyday moments that can make a big impact on the lives of young people.

BBBSMT offers five different ways for you to mentor

Community-Based – Bigs and Littles meet weekly on their own and usually do different activities in the community. The mentor will contact the Little’s guardian and schedule a time to meet during the week or weekend.

Site-Based- Bigs and Littles meet weekly during the school year at a designated place. To ensure everyone’s safety, this program is in-person where mentors will focus on providing their Little with one-on-one guidance and support.

Sports Buddies- This program focuses on developing one-to-one mentoring relationships through participatory and spectator sporting events. Our staff plans a variety of activities for Bigs and Littles to engage in to help build positive and healthy relationships.

E-Mentoring- This is a blended online and in-person (3 required in-person visits per school year) mentoring program that gives Bigs the flexibility to mentor on their own time and build a connection with a teenager using secured technology as a shared space. This program strives to help high school students develop personal, academic and career skills. This program is only active when school is in session.

Site-Based Diversity Focused- This is a virtual mentoring program that is focused on providing diverse youth in our service area with supportive mentors. Mentoring takes place through an app called MentorHub and volunteers are expected to maintain weekly contact with their Little for at least one year. This program is only active when school is in session.

For National Mentoring Month, BBBSMT also invites the community to share their most pivotal mentorship moments, no matter how big or small, on all social media channels using the hashtag #BeBig. This tapestry of stories will serve as a testament to the significant impact and universality of mentorship moments.

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“Simply showing up and caring will be a huge deal to your new friend.”
“I’ve been matched with my Little for a year now, and while I hope I’ve started to have a positive impact on her, I can’t even begin to explain the impact she’s had on me.”
“Most importantly, have fun!”
“This will be such an amazing learning experience and rewarding in countless ways.”
“It can be hard at times, but totally worth it.”
“The little things matter.”
“You will get so much out of it, as will your Little. It will be so awesome to look back after a year.”
“It will be rewarding after you have been matched for some time and your little tells you that he looks up to you and you’ve made him a better person.”
“What you might not realize is how much you’ll get back.”
“You may not know what to say, but sometimes you don’t have to say anything.”
“The ability to see your Little’s growth is remarkable”
“Be prepared to learn more about yourself.”
“It’s truly a great way to share your time for the betterment of yourself and the community.”
“You will be amazed at all of the experiences you will have together.”
“While you have a major impact on an amazing young person, you will be forever changed by their impact on you.”
“It’s not about what you do or how cool you are. It’s about being a constant supportive presence in your Little’s life.”
“You are making memories for a child who will always remember.”
“You may think you’re the one making a difference in their lives, but they’re the biggest influencers here. It’s worth it.”
“This experience will equally challenge and excite you.”
“Not every outing needs to be fancy. Just show up and listen.”
“I love being a Big. It has been so fun and exciting watching my Little open up and grow.”
“My Little keeps me on my toes and encourages me in the best way.”
“All of our activities, big or small, are fun and I love that we can talk about our days, friends, and family. I truly feel as though I gained a little sister.”

Ready to make an impact?