Double the Impact: Two-Time Mentor Jane

Some mentors go above and beyond in their service to young people, and Big Sister Jane is one of those people. Jane has now committed twice to serving as a mentor for high school students through our E-Mentoring program, committing a total of four years to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle Tennessee and her Little Sisters, with a focus on college and career readiness.

Virtual Mentoring Means Flexibility

One aspect that has made it easier for Jane to devote so much time to her Littles is the flexibility that comes with E-Mentoring. Online communication removes the factor of a commute, which makes scheduling easier for the Big, as well as for the Little and their family, replacing time spent stuck in traffic with more time for activities and conversation.  

The flexibility of E-Mentoring doesn’t mean the two can’t still plan in-person interactions. Jane and her first Little Sister, Evelyn, cherished their in-person mentoring time touring colleges and even meeting up at an event where Jane led a talk on coding and IT careers.

College and Career Readiness

Evelyn said she enjoyed the E-Mentoring program and learned a lot about careers through the online activities and resources. She and Jane also felt that sharing experiences online was helpful and made it easier to open up. The two talked a lot about college and career interests in addition to different aspects of social and family life. Evelyn said she had much character growth throughout her mentoring relationship with Jane. She currently attends Trevecca with plans to study law.

Continuing the Impact

The positive outcomes from Jane’s first match inspired her to serve as a mentor again, and she hoped to be paired with another Little who was looking for guidance in various aspects of life. This time, she was matched with Jennifer and the two immediately clicked.

E-Mentoring has worked very well for Jane and Jennifer so far. They are very intentional in how they structure and spend their mentoring time, both online and in person. They talk about everything from how to build confidence and create stronger relationships with family members to what makes a good leader and how to prepare for the ACT and college.

Even though they’re just five months in, it is clear that Jennifer and Jane already have the foundation for a strong, supportive mentoring relationship. Jennifer is currently interested in accounting or the medical field, and her Big Sister, along with the career resources through the E-Mentoring program, will be there to support her along the way.

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Big Sister Jane & Little Sister Evelyn